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Ashaź Brilliant Oval Simulated Diamonds

Asha Oval Diamond
Oval Asha, version 6 studio photo

We have received a number of requests to bring back our oval cut Asha's, and are pleased to announce that we done just that.  Based on knowledge gained in cutting our Takara yellow diamonds, we will be cutting our Asha ovals to a modified oval cut - the Asha Oval Brilliant.

This adds additional faceting to the underside of the oval to remove the dreaded 'bow-tie' (optical dead zone) in the traditional oval cut.  Thus, while this cut is not as common in natural diamond, it does make for a much more beautiful and sparkly finished 'diamond'.


         Ashaź Oval Highlights:
  • Cut for brilliance:  
    Optimal specifications for cutting, maximizing the inherent beauty of the oval cut.
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Version 6 Brilliant Oval Asha :

Size (mm) Diamond Equivalent Size Color Packaging Web direct Price
  6 x 4 .45ct pending Diamond paper  $67.50
  7 x 5 .75ct pending Diamond paper  $112.50
  8 x 6 1.25ct pending Diamond paper  $187.50
  9 x 7 1.85ct pending Diamond paper  $277.50
  10 x 8 2.50ct pending Diamond paper  $375.00
  11 x 9 3.50ct pending Diamond paper  $525.00
  12 x 10 5.25ct pending Diamond paper  $649.00