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Cultured Rubies

Cultured Ruby - cushion cut 
(photo courtesy of Jean Claude Levandowski)

Rubies have been one of the most valuable gemstones for thousands of years.  Rubies, like sapphires, are technically corundrum with the red usually being created by the addition of trace amounts of Chrome.  Because chrome is both rare, and because it tends to cause rubies to develop fissures, finding larger, higher clarity rubies can be a very difficult (and expensive) proposition.

We are thus pleased to make available a small offering of larger size, eye-clean *lab-grown* rubies that rival the finest of all mined rubies, but at a fraction of their price.  

Our cultured (lab-grown) rubies emeralds are unique in several respects:

  • These are *real* rubies, not imitation...they are simply grown in the lab instead of mined.
  • Unlike naturals, which have widely varying color and clarity, we offer only gem grade cultured rubies with intense coloration.

The feedback we have received on our rubies has been excellent, with a local gemologist noting that the color of these rubies is what he considered the "ideal" red (medium dark red).

We are introducing our Cultured Rubies at $135/ct!  

12/6/09 - Due to demand for our lab rubies, we're currently expanding our ruby inventory and will have additional photos shortly.


        Cultured Ruby Highlights:

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Online Shopping:

Cut Shape Size Clarity Color
Packaging Web Direct Price
Cushion 5x5mm Gem grade Medium Dark Red .64 ct Diamond Paper $86.40
Cushion 7x7mm Gem grade Medium Dark Red 2.00 ct Diamond Paper $270.00
Cushion 8x8mm Gem grade Medium Dark Red 2.83 ct Diamond Paper $382.05
Cushion 9x9mm Gem grade Medium Dark Red 4.27 ct Diamond Paper $576.45
Emerald 9x7mm Gem grade Medium Dark Red 3.22 ct Diamond Paper $434.70
Oval 9x7mm Gem grade Medium Dark Red 2.64 ct Diamond Paper $356.40
Oval 10x8mm Gem grade Medium Dark Red 3.67 ct Diamond Paper $495.45
Princess Cut 6.5mm Gem grade Medium Dark Red 1.62 ct Diamond Paper $218.70
Princess Cut 7mm Gem grade Medium Dark Red 2.25 ct Diamond Paper $303.75
Round 7mm Gem grade Medium Dark Red 1.73 ct Diamond Paper $233.55

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