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Asha� Princess Simulated Diamond

Version 6 - 2ct Asha Princess

Cut vs. Carat Weight

We cut our princess to optimize for sheer beauty,
whereas most natural princess diamonds are cut
to save as much weight as possible. This is always
a tradeoff between cutting the stone smaller and
thus more beautiful, vs. leaving it fatter and less
able to handle light properly.

The results speak for themselves based on our
many happy Asha� princess customers.

"I just wanted to say that I purchased a 2.5 princess cut stone February 2006, after much research about your company and other online companies. 

No one can compare to the quality, brilliance and realistic look of your stones! When I recently had my stone reset, I advised the jeweler that the stone was not real. He was floored as he stated that my princess cut was the most prettiest and most flawless stone he had ever seen! 

I will definitely purchase more from you. Thanks for having such quality products at a reasonable price! Satisfied customer from the South!"

- Customer Testimonial

The princess cut is called a square/rectangular modified brilliant in GIA grading reports. Unlike most simulants, our Asha
princess cuts are correct princess cuts, 76 facets, the same as natural diamond. 
Many princess cut simulants are cut via a modified radiant, rather than a true princess cut, which also is an easy sign for knowledgeable eyes to suspect it is a simulant as most diamonds are not cut that way.

In order to ensure that our princess cut was produced as ideally as possible, we asked David Atlas, inventor of the AGA-CERT diamond cut classes, to review our Asha princess. The full report is available here, but the takeaway summary was this:

"I don't think anyone could do a better job on a princess cut and I have no cutting suggestions.

It looks better than most princess cut diamonds as it is. The three diamonds it was compared to total $15,518 at wholesale cost.

I doubt anyone can tell which is which unless they are paying for one of the four."


Light return analysis - Princess Asha (May 28, 2008):

Our Asha princess scored "Maximum" on the Global Gem Lab light analysis report (May 28, 2008).

         Asha� Princess Highlights:
  • Stunning Beauty:
    One gemologist called the Asha� princess
    cut "The most beautiful 'princess' diamond
    I've ever seen in my life!"
  • Precision:  
    Optimal specifications for cutting, ensuring
    crisp, clean lines and understated elegance
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Asha princess cuts


Asha princess (regular sharp corner princess cuts):

12/09 - 7.50mm Princess have been restocked.   


Diameter (Depth) Color Size Packaging Web Price
5.0mm (3.5mm) E .75 ct Diamond Paper  was $269
now $112.50
6.0mm (4.0mm) F 1.00 ct
(version 6)
Diamond Paper was $325
now $150

6.5mm (4.5mm)
F/G 1.50 ct
(version 6)
Diamond Paper was $457.50
now $245
7.0mm (4.8mm) F/G 2.00 ct
(version 6)
Diamond Paper  was $570
now $315
7.0mm (4.8mm) H Color 2.00 ct
(version 6)
Diamond Paper  was $570
now $315
7.5mm (5.5mm) F/G 2.50 ct
(version 6)
Diamond Paper was $610
now $375
8.0mm (5.8mm) F/G 3.00 ct
(version 6)
Diamond Paper was $675
now $440

Asha Cut Corner Princess:
(Identical except instead of sharp corners, the corners have been lightly clipped.  
This allows more prong styles to be used.)

Cut corner princess 
(customer photo by LittleDumpling)

Diameter (Depth) Color Size Packaging Web Price
5.0mm (3.5mm) E .75 ct Diamond Paper  was $269
now $112.50
6.0mm (4.0mm) E 1.00 ct Diamond Paper was $325
now $150
6.5mm (4.5mm) E 1.50 ct
(version 6)
Diamond Paper was $457
now $245
7.0mm (4.8mm) E 2.00 ct
(version 6)
Diamond Paper was $570
now $315

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