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Home > Ring Index >  Tiffany Cathedral Ring and Band
Tiffany Cathedral Solitaire and Matching Band


The finest Tiffany-style solitaires, mounted with the prong style and center stone of your choice. This setting is a perennial best seller, and has garnered more customer and
jeweler compliments than any solitaire we offer.

Incredible Quality
It is important to note that our Tiffany solitaires are 'die struck' rings, and very solid. Die striking is a metal forming process that literally compresses the metals crystal structure via a hydraulic press to ensure maximum density and strength. Thus, die struck items have much more wear life (more metal hardness) than cast items because of their superior density. 

Our wood lacquered ring box
(Click to enlarge)

"I just received the 1.5 carat H&A round Asha Tiffany cathedral solitaire engagement ring I ordered for my soon-to-be fiancee.

I was nervous after I ordered the ring because I wasn't sure if the Asha would look the same way it does on your website. I opened the box and couldn't believe my eyes. Honestly.

This thing looks AMAZING. It's beautiful. It's really shocking that a $400 simulant can look so ridiculously good.  "
- Customer Testimonial

That is why the best wedding bands and jewelry are die struck, not cast. To our
knowledge, these are the only die-struck Tiffany solitaires in America.

Additionally, these Tiffany solitaires are designed to set flush against almost any
wedding or eternity band, ensuring a seamless look on your finger.

Note: This page allows you to select the Tiffany Cathedral ring *shank*, or the metal band portion. 


3 mm

4 mm

How to order (or obtain pricing for) your ready-to-wear Tiffany Cathedral ring:

1)Select your desired center stone from our loose Asha page, and add that to your shopping cart
Our loose Asha inventory is here.  The Tiffany Cathedral can hold virtually any Asha.

2)Select your desired ring shank (specifying which metal and thickness) below, and add that to your cart.

3)Finally, select your desired prong head (the portion that holds the stone to the ring) from 
our prong page.  Our prong page is here.  

At that point, you have a finished ring and can check pricing for your ring and make any adjustments.  

When you are ready, simply check-out to complete your order.  

We will automatically assemble the center stone, prong head and ring shank into a complete and ready to wear (or gift) ring! 

Our Tiffany Cathedral Rings are available in 3mm and 4mm widths:

  • Comfort-fit bands
  • Die-struck for the ultimate in metal durability
  • New - now available in Palladium!  
    We highly recommend palladium over white gold for the ring shank as it is a platinum group metal, and 
    does not require rhodium plating (pure white naturally), and is also hypoallergenic.  
    You will still need to use a white gold prong head as palladium is only available for the ring shank.

 Matching Wedding band for 3mm Palladium rings:

We are now also offering a matching, all-metal Tiffany die struck wedding band for our Palladium 3mm and 4mm engagement rings (pricing listed below).

This band is comfort-fit, die struck and flush fit against the Tiffany Cathedral.  Pricing is at a 10% discount, as it
assumes you already have or are ordering the Tiffany Cathedral to wear it with.

Online Shopping - Tiffany Cathedral Engagement ring


Width Precious Metal Price  
3 mm Platinum $985
Palladium $298
18K Gold $340
14K Gold $298
Width Precious Metal Price
4 mm Platinum $1388
Palladium $372
18K Gold $420
14K Gold $375

Matching Tiffany Cathedral band:

Matching band, 3mm

 Tiffany Cathedral Band - Precious Metal: Price  
3mm width,
Pure Palladium
(10% discount, normally $275)
4mm width,
Pure Palladium
(10% discount, normally $325)
3mm width,
Pure Platinum
(10% discount, normally $825)
4mm width,
Pure Platinum
(10% discount, normally $1045)

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