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Amorphous Diamond Treatment

Here is the clean room with the diamond coating equipment

Asha® in the diamond coating
chamber during the Amorphous
Diamond Treatment

Asha® is the only diamond simulant in the world that employs a patent 
pending form of "Amorphous Diamond" which is man-made and
"composed of a multitude of tiny diamond crystals all aligned together*". 
microscopic diamond crystals are blasted into the Asha® crystal through
the Amorphous Diamond Treatment (ADT) process to give Asha® an upper layer
that is both simulant and man-made diamond crystal.
To better describe how 
the hybrid stone is completed, we have begun calling it "Diamond Infused", 
as atomic force microscope analysis shows that the microscopic diamond 
crystals literally penetrate into the upper layers of the Asha® crystal, to 
form a new hybrid diamond simulant.

Amorphous Diamond Treatment Before-and-After Comparison:

Below are photos of a "test coupon" that is basically a thin wafer of stainless 
steel. These are placed in the coating chamber during a run for quality 
verification purposes after the coating process is completed. This particular coupon 
was coated using a trial formula for the H color Asha
® (this formula was rejected 
because it has too much yellow).  We kept the test coupon, however, to
illustrate the difference the amorphous diamond treatment can make optically.

left is untreated coupon (stainless steel), right is treated.
 A light source is being shined above, and you can see the reflectivity difference. 
The treated coupon has a mirror like finish

Above: A pink sapphire held over the uncoated steel coupon

Below: The same pink sapphire held over the coated steel 
coupon demonstrates the obvious difference in light handling.

*Barnard, Amanda (2000). The Diamond Formula: Diamond synthesis: A Gemological perspective.
Boston: Butterworth-Heinemann  

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