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Asha® Challenge

How good does Asha® look?

Now you can decide - see if you can spot the real $35,000 diamond
shown below!

We have done lots of visual testing with our customers, including live
comparison tests where we presented customers with all major simulants
and a real diamond, using 2 ct round brilliant cuts, and asked them to
provide feedback. The gems involved were:

Super Premium hand cut CZ - the most expensive CZ most jewelry stores

Charles & Colvard created Moissanite

Asha® H&A gem - CZ variation with our version of a Hearts and Arrows cut

Hearts and Arrows, AGS Triple 0 diamond (perfect polish, cut, symmetry)
-less than 1% of 1% of all diamonds will make this grade.  To quote from, A "Hearts & Arrows" diamond with AGS-0 Ideal Cut proportions
and either an AGS Ideal or GIA Excellent Polish & Symmetry rating is
without a doubt the most perfectly cut and most brilliant diamond you will
find available in today's diamond market.

Note that this web site test gives you more magnification than people live
had (i.e. we did not provide loupes, because the intent of the test is to
view it as a typical person would view it when viewing your jewelry).
Regardless, now its your turn to take a similar challenge.  Below are
four stones - a top grade H&A diamond, an Asha® H&A gem, a Charles &
Colvard created Moissanite, plus the best CZ your jeweler is most likely to
carry, Super Premium. Note that your jeweler may also only have
commercial grade CZ, but the super premium is the best available grade
carried by major jewelry distributors.  

Make your decision as to which is which, then click here for the answer.

Asha® is our registered mark 
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