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Customer Feedback

Below are excerpts from some of our many customers around the world - thank you to all these customers for their kind feedback!

Please note - new testimonials are now being posted on our new, in-progress website here (shown under the respective item) -  This website will become our main website shortly. 

You can also see additional feedback, photos and interact with other customers from around the world on our message boards, with over 500,000 posts to date:

Asha® has been purchased by discerning customers from all over the world!















 and more...

November 2009

" Stones arrived today and are stunning as always. Thanks again for a great product and great service! "

September 2009

"I just received my 1.5 tcw martini set asha round platinum earrings yesterday. I have very sensitive skin and I am totally not allergic to them. They are also very beautiful and shine like my real diamond from my mom.

I am very happy to have found your product. I will for sure order more. Keep the beautiful products coming! "

July 2009

" I just received my loose stone order yesterday, and WOW am I SMITTEN...I did a very careful comparison against a triple ex GIA RB, G color, and I'd pick yours any day!!! "

 June 2009

"Just writing to say I received my 1.5 carat, yellow gold, Round Brilliant , tiffany cathedral, Version 6 today... OMG... it is so beautiful....

I am a european client...I can't believe it is not real... It looks so much like the diamonds I see in the windows that I thought I could only dream of....No one can ever know this is not real... All I can say is wow!! ....

I even went up to the window of a luxury diamond dealer and could not tell the difference between my diamond and the 15,000 euro one in the window.This is great stuff!!.. I can't even believe it arrived in the post without being taken..that's to tell you how beautiful it is...

Also I am amazed at how quickly it arrived as I did not even take the fastest shipping option.When I first read the testimonials of the website... I said there is no way one company could make up these testimonials...

It looks so real ... I feel the same fear that women with real diamonds wear... I am almost afraid to wear my Asha because it is so beautiful..You can really see the sparkle from across the room and your reflection in windows etc. "

June 2009

"We got my ring today and I absolutely LOVE it!!! It's gorgeous!!! ... This ring is perfect. I'm just sorry I have to wait until after our anniversary to show it off! I'm a very happy customer!

 May 2009

"I am so amazed at the clarity and sparkle of these earrings, they look so convincingly like genuine diamonds.

Thank you, my mother's day gift to me! "

May 2009

"I love it! I took the stone to my jeweler for mounting into a ring, and he commented that it was a fabulous stone!

It is a beautiful deep purple in artificial light, and it turns an awesome blue in natural light - wonderous! Thanks!"

[Note: This feedback refers to our Lab Grown Alexandrite]

 May 2009

"The three items (two pair of Asha earrings - princess cut and round Martini cut; and an Asha princess cut pendant) came in pretty presentation boxes and they are breathtakingly beautiful, very sparkly and look very real :)

My sister and I are very happy, you have made our day; and we look forward to do business with you again in the near future. "

April 2009

"I was floored when I did finally get to see my engagement ring and couldn't be happier - for a variety of reasons!

I'm sure you make a lot of people happy, but I am so happy that you and BTD made me so happy!

 April 2009

" I've had my asha stone for almost 5 years now.

I had received a 1.25 carat round stone which was set in my bridal set. My new asha was so beautiful that I sold my .75 carat diamond.

Well after almost 5 years the stone is still just as beautiful as the day I received it. To this day only my husband knows this is not a mined diamond.

I have always have many comments about how sparkley my ring is. People say they spot it from across the room.

I hope to upgrade the size of my stone in the future but I wanted to let you know what a wonderful product you have. I have also recommended your site to people who want a high quality stone without the high price of a mined diamond.

Thank you again very much. "

April 2009

"I just wanted to give you my feedback about the asha 1ct. princess cut diamond I had purchased from you.


I had purchased this diamond just to see if it looked real and wow was I surprised!

I was so happy with my purchase that I told my boyfriend of 3 years (now my fiancé) to buy an engagement setting and put this diamond in it! He had a romantic proposal 3 months later (he wanted to make sure it was a surprise)!

Whenever I look down at my finger I get butterflies. Not only that but I get compliments on it everyday! People always say how beautiful and sparkly my diamond looks!

I had told the secret (it's not real) to a few close family members and they couldn't believe it!

Now my sister is considering getting one and doing the same thing I did!

I would get an asha over a real diamond any day! I just wanted to thank you for an amazing product!  It is beautiful!

 April 2009

"Your Asha 6 is a beautiful stone, next to a real diamond we couldn't tell the difference.

In fact we were at another jewelery store when the manager commented on what a beautiful diamond I had!!"

April 2009

"I just wanted to send a note about my "diamond" and how very pleased I have been with it.

My husband used a 1.5 ct Asscher from you for the center stone in my engagement ring. I have received countless complements, and people are stunned to learn it isn't a mined stone.

I've been wearing it for almost a year now with no problems (and I've banged it on stuff quite a few times), the sparkle and fire are as gorgeous as the day I got it.

Anyone thinking about the Asha as an alternative to a regular mined diamond should definitely go for it. I feel so smug having a big shiny rock for about $200!!

 March 2009

"I received my 6mm Tiffany Cathedral Flanders Asha yesterday.
It is more beautiful than the pictures.

Everyone has commented on how amazing it looks and the cut is incredible.

Thank you for the amazing ring and the ease of ordering.  "

September 2008/font>

"I just want to drop you a line to inform you that I have received my 3 carat Assher Cut gem stone. It is absolutely beautiful and my girlfriend is very pleased to say the least! The sparkle and the bling seem to be never ending! It is just downright gorgeous!!

I will certainly pass on the good word for your company. Not only am I very impressed with the gem itself but also how quickly and smoothly everything went from the time I signed on to your site until the package was delivered to my front door! I placed my order late on Tuesday and my gem was at my door early on Friday! WOW!! What a fantastic transaction!!
Keep up the good work!!

 September 2008

"I just received my BTD Kashmir sapphire halo the other day and all I can say is WOW!!! It is so stunningly beautiful and fits perfectly!

....This ring makes it very hard for me to go back to wearing my Vatche Grace ring, or any other ring......that's for sure!. "

September 2008

"OMG! I just got my rings today! I cannot believe how stunning both of them are! I LOVE the emerald ASHA! It is to die for. Elizabeth your heart out! "

 August 2008

"The ring I bought from you is BEAUTIFUL... vastly superior to the [Competitors name removed] ring I bought. I'll send you copies of the pictures (and perhaps post on your message boards with them, as well) as soon as my refund is (hopefully) processed by [Competitors name removed]."

July 2008

"I just want to say that the ring I received was in excellent condition and that I am very pleased and I am sure that we she see's it she will love it also.
Just to let anyone that is skeptical about buying a ring from here it is wonderful. I got my ring in less than 2 weeks. I love you guys keep up the good work thank you!!!!!!!!

 March 2008

"I just wanted to give you some feedback on your incredible jewelry, and namely your Asha stones... Truly, as someone who has had a love affair with jewelry and gorgeous gemstones including diamonds her whole life,your products elate me.

My husband and I have been working on making a 2nd engagement ring for me, and with our Asha canary Asscher cut stone,it's complete. There is not even a question that your stones are superior to anything out there, and personally I prefer your stones to natural diamonds..

Natural diamonds are not rare - every second person in our country has one - and the process by which they are extracted from the earth bothers me. Therefore, I love the fact that you have created a beautifuil, quality stone that gives the wearer the beauty of a natural diamond, BUT without all the baggage (not to mention artificially inflated prices, thanks to DeBeers...).

Thank you so much, and I do hope that you will continue to make such incredible products. "

May 2008

"I will NEVER EVER buy another real diamond again. I am speechless. This stone is nothing short of amazing!!!!

I bought the 9mm H color round. I have the same cut and size in a high quality cz, and the cz doesn't even come close to how gorgeous this stone is. I took it to a high end jewelry chain to have it set in a 6-prong setting. The jeweler told me to "be careful" because this is a large stone and it looks like a real diamond.

Your customer service is excellent. I was apprehensive about email only contact, but I asked a ton of questions and I received a response within 24 hours each time. Angelic, you live up to your name.

If anyone is riding the fence about purchasing an Asha - GET OFF! I have real diamonds G color and VS clarity and the ASHA is more gorgeous. I researched all the other competition and I made the right choice.

I am blown away to say the least. And for anyone concerned about buying an H color stone. Don't be - it is glorious! It looks bright white and beautiful. Thank you!!!!!!!! "

November 2007

"I just received the 1.5 carat H&A round Asha Tiffany cathedral solitaire engagement ring I ordered for my soon-to-be fiancee. I was nervous after I ordered the ring because I wasn't sure if the Asha would look the same way it does on your website. I opened the box and couldn't believe my eyes. Honestly. This thing looks AMAZING. It's beautiful. It's really shocking that a $400 simulant can look so ridiculously good. 

I'm no diamond expert, but if I saw a woman wearing this ring, I'd have absolutely no clue that it wasn't a real diamond. I actually shopped for a real diamond for about a month(I live in NYC and shopped in the diamond district) and had diamond dealers tell me that only a real diamond can make you feel a certain way. After seeing this ring, that statement is total garbage. 

I paid $635 for a ring that would have cost me at least $8,000 if the diamond were real, yet with the naked eye I can't see an ounce of difference. After I got over my initial shock, I walked around the apartment holding the ring under different light sources. It look good in all of them. Right before I sat down to write this comment, I turned off all the lights in the apartment and shone a bright white LED flashlight on the Asha. It refracted the light to such an extent that it cast rainbows all over the room. No exaggeration. 

After we're engaged, I'm going to go with my fiancee up to the flagship Tiffany's on 5th Ave to check out some wedding bands. I'll be curious to see how the salespeople react to her Asha. If it wasn't socially bizarre for a man to wear a big diamond
solitaire, I'd buy one for myself. I'm going to celebrate this purchase by dumping $2,500 into my IRA with the money I saved. This is the smartest purchase I've made in my 26-yr life. Thank you so much for this jaw dropping thing. (The palladium band is flawless as well). I hope you post this comment on your website."

November 2007

"This, this is what dreams are made of....
Customer service second to none, with amazing quality product.......
The ring of your dreams delivered right to your door.......
Thank you Less and the team.

November 2007

"I just wanted to let you all know that I got my loose 1.25 round H&A Asha today, and it is SO stunning! Now that I've seen it with my own eyes, I can say that your stone lives up to your company's name! It IS TRULY better than diamonds! I will never, ever, absolutely not buy another diamond again! However, I WILL buy another Asha in the future. It is a beautiful work of art! Thank you also for the wonderful customer service and fast delivery as well. "

November 2007

"By the way, the canary radiant cut ring that your team created for me years ago is still a consistent jaw-dropper. I wear it every day and love it. "

November 2007

"I just wanted to send a quick message as I received my 2.00 ct Princess Scroll Earrings today.  They are absolutely gorgeous!!  I had ordered a pair last year for my mom that were 1.50 ct, and those were so nice that I had to get a pair for myself.  I am very pleased yet again with my purchase from your website, and the shipment was nearly immediate.  Thanks again for another great product! "

November 2007

"I purchased a 1 ct princess almost 3 years ago and LOVE, LOVE it. It still sparkles the same--as when I first received it. "

October 2007

"Hi, I just received the platinum tiffany reproduction 1.5 carat round Asha. Good heavens, the ring surpassed my expectations! You are not kidding about the briliance and sparkle! The platinum ring itself was quality-made and substantial. I was a skeptic, but now, I am impressed!

I was planning to switch the Asha to a real natural diamond in year or two, but I think the Asha will stay!! Very, very pleasantly shocked and very, very impressed."

October 2007

"I received my 1.0 princess stone yesterday which I ordered from Winfields. I have never seen such a beautiful stone. I returned it today after receiving your e-mail alert regarding restocking. After seeing the quality of the 1.0 I ordered the 1.5 as my center stone for my engagement ring. Thank you for making such a quality product so affordable!"

October 2007

"WOW! it is absolutely beautiful! I just got it and can't wait to give it to the love of my life. I am very pleased with the ring and am glad i found your business on line...i will definitley do business with you in the future"

October 2007

"I love my Asha and I love how it looks so beautiful mixed with my real diamonds. I still can't stop looking at it and I wear it every day "

September 2007

"I bought my 1 CT asha diamond a little over two years ago and still LOVE it. It still sparkles the same as the day I received it."

September 2007

"Okay, WOW. There has never been a bigger skeptic than me. Figured nothing could come close to the real thing. But I took a chance on puchasing the 1.5 ct princess cut earrings - just to see... I was going to send them back immediately if they looked fake, cheap etc.

But WOW! Honestly, they blew me away with their beauty. The pictures on your site don't even come close to the clarity and crispness of these stones.

Not only do they look real but they make my genuine diamonds pale in comparison! I'm a true believer now and SO glad I chose BTD!

Our next purchase is my engagement ring! Thanks for such a superior product!"

September 2007

"I just wanted to say thank you for the incredibly beautiful cartier reproduction ring. It came amazingly fast and I've gotten so many compliments on it. I went into a jewelry store and the jeweler thought for sure that my 1.5 Asha was the Leo Diamond. BTD makes a stunning simulant. Thank you for this very precious ring! "

April 2007

"Absolutely stunning. I placed the Asha princess next to a [competitors brand name removed...] princess I (unfortunately) bought last Christmas, it was like placing a shard of broken glass next to a quality diamond - not even in the same league. The Ashas actually look better than any natural stone I've bought - and without the high pricetag and insurance that goes with them. Thank you for your quality workmanship in both the stones and the settings. I will be back!"

March 2007

"...We have been customers for about 2 years, we bought a loose stone for a ring and it has been just great! "

March 2007

"Just wanted to let you know my stone got here today (FAST!!!) and it is so-o-o-o-o beautiful!  I can't wait to have it mounted in my new wedding set.  I absolutely love it!! "

March 2007

"I just wanted to write to let you know how delighted I am with the things I have ordered from you guys. In the past month I have received a Amara Tahitian Black pearl necklace, a 3ct Asha asscher (v5), a 2ct pink Asha asscher and the palladium trellis three-stone ring with a pink Asha round and H-color Asha side stones. They are all simply AMAZING!!! 

When I originally decided to upgrade to a v5 asscher, I really didn’t think there would be much difference. I was already happy with my v4 stone. Well boy was I wrong. The v5 asscher is just wonderful. It has that silvery incredible diamond-like luster and shine. I compared it to my genuine asscher diamonds and it looks identical. I noticed a definite difference between that and my v4 stone. It is just beautiful. Thank you for creating such a wonderful alternative to genuine diamonds!! With stones like this, who needs one! 

The Amaras are also wonderful. I loved mine so much I bought another necklace for a gift. I receive compliments on them all the time. 

Lastly, the pink Ashas are stunning!! I LOVE the trellis ring. It is elegant and simple. The palladium is a nice alternative to platinum (my favorite) and the ring was very nicely finished. The pink color of the stones is wonderful and I’ve been waiting for a pink stone that truly imitated a pink diamond without the high cost. They are gorgeous.

Thank you so much!!! Keep up the excellent customer service and keep offering the wonderful products that you do! I have been a customer for over 4 years now and I once wrote you telling you that I would be ordering again. Well you guys make it easy to continue doing so!!"

January 2007 

This customer did a comparison purchase of all the current simulants...the full review is posted on our message boards, here is the relevant Asha excerpt (Title is "And the winner is....Asha!!!):

"Finally, I ordered from Better than Diamond, I ordered a 1.5 Carat Asha Assher Cartier reproduction in Platinum which also had real diamonds on the shank. The customer service was sensational, Christine kept in contact with me through email and was extremely helpful and friendly. for example, I initially ordered the ring in white gold, but after a couple of days decided I wanted it in platinum as all the other pieces I had ordered during this experiment had been in white gold so I wanted to see what platinum would be like. Christine changed my order with no fuss. The ring arrived a couple of weeks later. Presentation was the best so far as it came in a dark wood highly polished box. Very expensive looking. I opened the box and was blown away. This sim is unbelievable - better than any diamond I have ever owned or seen in my life! The cut and craftsmanship is second to none - I have been mesmerized with this ring ever since. It is a unique and elegant cut which sparkles like crazy. The pictures on their site are 100% accurate. The sim has a fire and brilliance I have never seen before. You will not be disappointed in purchasing from this company. It looks 100% real I have shown this to many people and as part of my experiment have told them that it was a real diamond E Color VVS1 clarity and cost me $15000.00 (as this is what it would be if it was not a sim) I have not had one person look at me sideward’s they fall in love with the ring and want it for themselves. They encourage me to get a ring so beautiful and expensive insured as its value would easily be over 20k. Little do they know this ring only cost me only $1500.  

So there you have it Sim lovers! The Asha from Better than diamonds is by far the best! "

January 2007 

"I received my rings today, and they are gorgeous!! Thanks again for another wonderful product."

January 2007

"I'm the very very happy owner of a 2 ct. emerald cut ring. It is absolutely gorgeous and I'm so happy to have exactly what I've always dreamed of without wearing the equivalent of a car on my hand. Thank you so much for the joy you've provided."

September 2006 

"I wanted to say THANK YOU BTD!!!!  The 1.50 ct. round G color ASHA is sooooo stunnimg.  I have a good eye for good quality diamonds…I must say that ASHA beats any fine diamonds I have seen.  You can’t beat the price.  My husband and I went into 2 fine jewelry stores in our area  to find a wedding band and the sales reps.  had complimented on what a beautiful diamond I had and looked at my husband and said that he must have spent an outrageous amount on it.  He just smiled at them and looked at me.  We were so happy to hear that.  I compared it to my 1.00 ctw G color VS2 diamond earrings and they don’t even compare to the ASHA.  We will definitely be buying more from BTD.  Thank you so much for all your help and the prompt delivery service. "

September 2006 

"When I ordered the limited 3 carat radiant cut stone to be put into the Harry Winston setting sight unseen, I knew exactly what I was going to receive.  I received fabulous customer service, a gorgeous ring that would make the "T" store green with envy, and a ring packaged beautifully with class!  I almost fell over when I opened the box!  This is my third purchase with Better Than Diamond so I knew the quality product I would recieve. The Asha Diamond Simulant is the best product on the market, and I have recommended it to many of my friends who have unlimited funds to spend on jewelry.  We all feel our Asha Diamond Simulants look better than our diamonds!  So, our diamonds are in the safe and our Asha is on our fingers ... and ears and necks! "

August 2006 

"I received the hearts/arrow 1.50 diamond to place into my real 5 carat setting. At first I was hesitant to put the diamond into the setting, being it was fake and all. However, I did it and it is beautiful, I have had the ring on for 24hrs and already people have been stopping me and making compliments. The ring looks amazing, even my husband (who didn't like this idea) admits to the beauty of it. I know w/ this type of setting, stones would be 10,000 and better.. ( I shopped around). You have saved money. I wish I could take a picture of it, just to show you how beautiful it is. Thank you for your time/patience. I will be your customer forever!!!"

August 2006 
"i'm so happy with this 2ct flanders cut color E V5.  Who cares if it's not real diamond when it's better than diamond.the brilliance,the luster,even in a low light room. i love it.  i'm sure i'll order for another gem this christmas. thank you again."

July 2006 

"Sorry It has taken me awhile to send my comments back, I have just been waiting for my jeweler to set my stone... And I have to say it is gorgeous!   The stone looks amazing, even my jeweler wants to know where I bought mine, he said he has never seen anything look so real (and at such a great cost)!   I have only been wearing it for 2 days and already I have people coming up to me and admiring it.   Thanks again for such fast delivery and great service."

July 2006 

"Today I received my Asha Princess cut diamond. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I could not believe my eyes when I opened the box!!! I cannot tell the difference between my Asha and the dozens of real diamonds I looked at prior to discovering BTD!!! What fire and brilliance!!! I couldn't wait to get to my computer to tell you how thrilled I am with my ring.....what's even better, my fiance and I didn't spend a fortune to have the ring I've always dreamed I'd wear!!! I've bought simulated diamonds before, but NONE compare to the Asha!! I would add that anyone who reads the testimonials (like I did) before purchasing from BTD that has reservations about ordering....go for'll be glad you did!!

Thank you so much for making this bride-to-be happy!!"

June 2006 

"I am writing to tell you how much I love my earings.  I keep comparing them to a diamond pendant I have and they truly are the closest match I have seen.  The cut is really good.  My husband to be will be ordering a center stone for my engagement ring very soon."

May 2006 

"Hi Christine,

Just wanted to let you know that I got the pendent yesterday... it is BEAUTIFUL. My co-workers were amazed too. This is my second purchase (I had previously purchased a 3 ct. emerald cut Asha set in the Harry Winston setting... very beautiful). I'll be back for earings soon.


May 2006 

"Dear BTD,
My husband and I shopped extensively for a second wedding ring for me. Not wanting to give up the original ring because of sentimental value, we decided to check out more "practical" solutions. We ended up ordering the 2ct. Asha Asscher loose stone and were appropriately impressed upon its arrival. We went to our original jeweler, picked out a mounting and waited patiently for the setting. Impressive on its own, the stone went from OH!  to OH MY GOSH! when placed in the ring. We chuckled a little at he jeweler's setter who called her aside and said, "you DID say this was a simulant, didn't you?" We've had compliments all around but the biggest compliments we save for each other when remembering all the zeros we just cut off of the bottom line. I'm wearing the (second) ring of my dreams while the first waits to be passed on some day! You're the Best! Genius! In closing, alI I can say is look at the testimonials; THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!
Thanks again and again!"

May 2006 

"I just wanted to thank you for your professional way of handling the order that I placed. 

The Earrings arrived and I am blown away by the quality and the way they sparkle.
I bought them for my wife for her birthday which is not until June. I showed them to some of the women in my office and they all said that they were gorgeous.
Thanks again"

March 2006 

"We did receive the ring this afternoon. Thank you for the prompt service and the prompt replies to my e-mail questions.

To be honest, I was a little hesitant to make an internet order without ever having seen any of your products. However, I (we) have been very favorably impressed with every aspect of the entire process.

The ring, (a Solstice, 18ct yellow gold, w/.75ct V5 Asha, F color), is absolutely gorgeous. The first thing I did was to get it in sunlight and scrutinize it under a 10X glass. The stone exceeded our expectations relative to cut, color and clarity. The stone was perfectly mounted, (every prong in full contact with the stone, and head square to shank), ring craftsmanship is superb and the ring was beautifully polished. Even the ring box was far above the quality normally received with a jewelry purchase.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for providing superior service, and quality merchandise which exhibits excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.

October, 2005

"Dear Christine
I have the ring and it is stunning! Gorgeous! I am completely bowled over by the sparkle and colour of it. 
It surpasses all my expectations and I am not going to have any difficulty wearing it with the pride it deserves. 
My partner cannot believe it isn’t real – no one would be able to tell that it is not a real diamond. 
To my eye, and I’ve looked at a lot, it looks like a $15,000 diamond. I would recommend BTD to anyone who does not 
want to buy into the diamond cartel propaganda as with stones like this, you can have it all without the pushed up 
false price tag.  Your service was wonderful and you were always friendly and patient. I look forward to any dealings 
I may have with you in the future ( I feel a necklace and earrings coming on…)"  

October, 2005

"Dear Christine
I have the ring and it is stunning! Gorgeous! I am completely bowled over by the sparkle and colour of it. 
It surpasses all my expectations and I am not going to have any difficulty wearing it with the pride it deserves. 
My partner cannot believe it isn’t real – no one would be able to tell that it is not a real diamond. 
To my eye, and I’ve looked at a lot, it looks like a $15,000 diamond. I would recommend BTD to anyone who does not 
want to buy into the diamond cartel propaganda as with stones like this, you can have it all without the pushed up 
false price tag.  Your service was wonderful and you were always friendly and patient. I look forward to any dealings 
I may have with you in the future ( I feel a necklace and earrings coming on…)"

October, 2005


I got my princess cut earrings today and they are the most gorgeous earrings I have ever had! These diamonds are 
more sparkly than my engagement ring which is a natural D/VS1 diamond! They are simply breathtaking! These are classy 
and made to perfection.

Thanks so much! This is my second purchase with you and not my last!"

October, 2005

"I received my earrings today and had to tell you that they are beautiful. Your products are by far the highest quality and are easily the closest thing to an actual diamond. I'm happy that I found your site and will order many more items from you. Thanks again!"

*Note from BTD: This customer ordered our princess scroll earrings.

September, 2005

"My boyfriend (now fiance) ordered my ring from BTD (Tiffany cathedral, 3mm, 1.25 round stone) and he proposed last night.I could NOT stop saying WOW.  The ring is SO BEAUTIFUL.  I love it.  LOVE IT!  You guys did an awesome job. 
The stone is so lovely and the quality of the setting is absolutely flawless.  FLAWLESS.  
Please send my thanks to the guys (and gals) who put it together.  You have an amazing team."

August, 2005

"Dear BetterThanDiamond,
     a few days ago, my husband-to-be and I received our 1.5 ct H color Asha Asscher in the mail, and we were floored!
The stone is exquisite and so much more than we expected.  I was reluctant to buy the stone at first because 
you were out of the E color, but we decided to take a chance.  I am so glad we did.  Even under 20x magnification, 
the stone is incredibly clean.  We took the Asha to four jewelers and NO ONE identified the stone as a diamond simulate.  
All everyone said was "Wow, that's a beautiful stone!"  We had it set in a semi-mount, right amid genuine diamonds, 
and you can't tell the difference!  Now I have the ring of my dreams, and it was so affordable.  
I can't tell you how happy I am that we found you on the web.  Thank you so much!"

July, 2005

"Dear Christine,

My ring arrived yesterday and I am absolutely thrilled with it . The stone is magnificent and I love the setting. 
Thanks for all of your help. I look forward to doing business with you again."

July, 2005

"I recieved my 1ct Asha round (F color) and it's gorgeous!! I took it in to my jeweler 
and compared it to a 1ct D color and F color (both worth over $5K) and the Asha round looked 
VERY good next to two real diamonds. I'm impressed, and very happy that we didn't have to pay 
a fortune to get that some quality look and feel. I'm so happy I did my research and found you guys! 
The jeweler asked me, "Is this moissanite?" and I said, "No, it's an Asha". He wasn't familiar, 
but I know he asked because he was amazed as well. I am looking forward to purchasing more items 
from you all in the future! Thanks so much. And to those who are looking for the best simulant, look no further....
Asha is the way to go!"

May, 2005

"There are no words to describe the Gem that i am looking at right now except Genius! 
This is the word to describe the BTD company who has manufactured perfection in the 
Cushion cut Asha that i have just received.  There really is no point in buying natural diamonds 
after looking at this Gem because it exceeds Diamond on every count except hardness which is 
the least important property of a diamond.  Thanks for your excellent customer service and fast delivery."

May, 2005

"Thank you so much for the Cartier ring....not only was it amazing to look at, the time it took
 for you to get it to me was incredibly fast.   Great buying experience AAA+++.  
You've got a customer for wife absolutely loves it and has received several compliments
from friends and co-workers....she laughs, if they only knew...great quality for an excellent price."

May, 2005

"I just received my new ring. It's sooooooooo beautiful. I love it. I can't believe BTD made 
this ring in one week. The stone looks better than my diamond. I have to say. Thanks, BTD. "

May, 2005

"Thank you again for my beautiful ring!! I stare at it everyday, it just sparkles so much!!"

March, 2005

"I recently purchased a H color 2 carat stone that I just had mounted in a heavy wide platinum
solitaire setting and it is stunning! The platinum sets the stone off beautifully- it looks white 
with lots of fire and dazzle.  I now have earrings and the ring, both of which look better than the real thing."

January, 2005

"Christine I just wanted to say THANK YOU to you and everyone at BTD.  I absolutely LOVE my ring
that I got today- it is so beautiful- I almost fell on the floor when I opened the box.  Amazing is all
I can say.  Fabulous ring, excellent customer service.  I'll be back for more!!!!!"

January, 2005

"I would like to toot the horn of the customer service.  I have to admit 
my fiance and I were a little nervous about ordering my engagement ring online without seeing 
it or trying it on.  Christine Wright, the person who receives you email 
 is so helpful and always answers my e-mail promptly.  If you have any reservations about ordering 
your ring online...don't!  You can always receive a reply back.

As for my ring, I got the Cartier Reproduction with a Flanders instead of Assher.  It is absolutely 
perfect.  I have gotten so many compliments on it, but more important than that, I am so happy 
that I get wear this ring for the rest of my life.  It's breathtaking.

Thank you Better Than Diamond for giving me a way to have a gorgeous ring at an amazingly 
affordable price."

October, 2004

"I quite frankly don't know what to say. when my wife and i received the ring we were stunned.
absolutely breathtaking! we both
could not believe for one it was a simulant and two the setting. 
The setting is as beautiful as the stones. we are both extatic. I cant thank you enough for all your
help christine. we will definitely be repeat customers! in fact we have already been doing some 
shopping! please let me know if you would like me to leave some customer feedback. I will talk 
asha up a storm!"

October, 2004

I just received my 1 carat Asha solitaire ring today and all I can say is WOW! I didn't really expect
it to be SO beautiful!!! It looks like a $10,000. ring! We saved a ton of money not buying a 'real' 
diamond which couldn't match the fire and brilliance of this stone! It is truly amazing! We looked at so 
many rings at jewelry stores and did much research before deciding on your company. I am extremely 
pleased with this purchase. To anyone considering purchasing an Asha stone, look no further
This is the company to go with. Thank you so much."

October, 2004

"Received my 2 ct asscher this morning and boy oh boy, I can't believe how wonderful this looks.
 And thanks for the excellent customer service, too."

October, 2004

"Hi.  I just wanted to let you know that we recently purchased a 1.5 carat Asha round Version 5 and 
took it to the LA Jewelry Mart to find a setting.  Three certified gemologists did not know it was a 
simulant, and even when I told one of them he wanted me to prove it!  They are not only more brilliant 
than most normal diamonds, but so beautifully clear, as a regular diamond is.  We are absolutely thrilled 
with this purchase, and am looking at your stud earrings for the holidays!  I am hooked!  Thank you
for such a tremendous product!"

September, 2004


August, 2004

"Good Morning! I just wanted to let you know that I rec'd my necklace and it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! 
I am so impressed by the quality of the stone, the setting and the chain. You can bet I will be 
ordering from you again soon!!

Thank you again so much!"

May, 2004

"Hi, I just got my Asha Asscher cut in the classic Tiffany style solitaire. It's simply gorgeous.
I have never seen anything so beautiful. I am sure this won't be my last purchase - I plan 
to get more Asha jewelry. Thank you very much."

April, 2004

"This is my 3rd Asha purchase and I can just say that everyone is a favorite and beautiful.  
Thanks so much.  With the type of customer service BTD offers, you can definitely look 
forward to a long and successful future and definitely more purchases from me!!"

March, 2004

"Hi There,

I just wanted to say that I received my ring and absolutely love it. It looks great and
am very pleased with the quality of it. Thanks for being so courteous and professional to 
work with."

March, 2004

"I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and guidance with my stone.
I did have the stone set in my current setting (at a huge cost of $1000.00
to create a custom mount to fit it :) , and it looks absolutely beautiful-
quite royal actually. I am extremely thrilled so far with it and I am
forward to having many years of enjoyment wearing it. Again, thank
for creating such a beauty and allowing the average person to feel

"We received the Asha® Asscher ring yesterday and I have not been able
to stop looking at it. The ring itself is superbly made with great attention
to detail. Without a doubt, it is the most comfortable ring I have ever worn.
The craftsmanship of the ring is equally matched by the fire, brilliance and
quality of the Asha® stone. It makes the other sims I have seen (those
who purport to be the top percent of diamond sims) look like glass."

"When I got the ring all I could say was WOW, it is prettier and more
sparkling than any of my friends' real diamond engagement rings.
Honestly I will not trade it for a real diamond because I have been to
jewelry stores and compared my ring to similar rings and they do not
measure up. Everyone that sees it is speechless, and the most important
thing is my fiancée is not broke. Thank you for an exquisite piece of
jewelry, as I describe it:


"I got my wife's Princess Cut earrings today. Unbelievable!!! They are
gorgeous!! I don't have the words to describe them. I wasn't sure what I
was going to get, you know? I could go on with random thoughts but, I'm
now sure you've heard them all before."

"I just wanted to let you know I received the .75 loose Princess cut
Asha® today…I am thrilled. I spent hours agonizing over the decision of
which simulant to purchase…I definitely made the right choice. I just
wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to own a simplybr> beautiful and elegant stone…my platinum/diamond engagement setting
has a new life!"

"What can I say, other than, absolutely AMAZING. I have looked in
jewelry shops - the most exclusive to the antique jewelers, NEVER did I
think that I would be the proud owner of such a STUNNING piece. HOW do
you guys do it, you must have a REAL gift, it is SOOOOOOOO
BEAUTIFUL!!!!!MORE exquisite than any diamond I have seen, I have
looked at Many!

One thing I will say is the photos on your website MOST DEFINITELY do
not do the ring justice, the workmanship is exquisite, attention to detail
and solid feeling, the stone is SPECTACULAR, and can I say to any future
perspective client YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!! the only problem
is choosing which one..."

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